Fluoride Removal Plant in India

Excess fluoride in drinking water leads to dental or skeletal fluorosis, damaging the bones and joints. SENCO make CSIR approved Fluoride removal plants that work on ion-exchange media made from natural minerals. When the fluoride-contaminated water flows through the bed of the media, the fluoride ions in the water get exchanged in the media, and fluoride-free water is released. This fluoride removal media after its capacity is exhausted, has to be regenerated with 3% NaOH. Simply contact us for a free price quote.

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Fluoride Removal Plant Models

Hand Pump Model

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Power Pump Model

fluoride removal filter manufacturer in India

Fluoride Removal Plant Benefits

Unique Features of Fluoride Removal Filter

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Cost effective

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Easy installation

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Easy to use

csir approved fluoride removal plant

Fully digital

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It can remove fluoride up to 4 PPM from water

fluoride removal water treatment plant in India

Underground water sources usage

fluoride removal media

No need to replace the contents everytime

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Lasts longer than the conventional system