Our Iron Removal Plant works on catalytic oxidation and filtration technology. The high content of iron in water has negative effects on hair and skin and will lead to corrosion in the pipelines. The Iron from the borewell water is basically eliminated by a process consisting of aeration, oxidation, precipitation, and filtration.  The media acts as a catalyst and converts ferrous into insoluble ferric form and filters the same in one go.

Iron Removal Plant Models


Hand Pump Model


  • Flow rate: 10 to 15 litres per minute
  • Material of construction: mild steel with hot dipped galvanising
  • Maximum input contaminate: 10 mg/lit of iron
  • Output iron contaminate: Less than 0.3mg/lit
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Power Pump Model


  • Available in all capacities ranging from 1KLpH to 50KLpH
  • Material of construction: FRP and mild steel
  • Can be fitted with manual or automatic values
  • Maximum input contaminate: 15mg/lit
  • Output iron contaminate: 0.3mg/lit
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Advantages of our Iron Removal Water Filter


Uses no chemical for regeneration

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No chemical cleaning of Electrodes

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No ground water contamination

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No wastage
of water

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No change in
pH value

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Most cost-effective method


Don’t require special training to operate


Most efficient and simple system

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Automatic removal of hardness

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Highly reliable and proven technology