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Sre Senthil Engineering company (SENCO) is the leading manufacturer of Virol-Oxy disinfectant. Our Virol-Oxy disinfectant is a particularly designed powder to offer high effectivity, rapid-acting, safe, and appropriate disinfecting for various kinds of applications. It is mixed with water to give a powerful disinfectant that is powerful on surfaces with all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

How to stop the transmission of Corona virus?

  • Disinfection of all surfaces is the first and most important step to stop further transmission of the Corona virus

  • General hygiene measures like regular hand washing/ sanitizing


It is a German-made disinfectant certified to act against Coronavirus. The disinfectant is a stabilized blend of powdered Hydrogen peroxide and Crystalline Titanium dioxide (Titansorb P) compounds.


  • Self cleaning disinfectant
  • Photo-catalytic disinfectant
  • Highest oxidation potential to easily deactivate Corona Virus

  • Instantly active

Unique Features

  • Proved to act against Corona Virus: Virol-Oxy ® by Watch Water GmbH has been certified by HYGCEN, Germany

  • Alcohol and Chlorine-free: Odorless and irritant-free

  • Safe and rapid disinfection: No harmful vapour phase

  • Cost-effective and affordable: Sanitizer costs approx. Rs.30/ lit; surface disinfectant costs approx. Rs.60/ lit

  • Easy to use: The disinfectant powder has to be dissolved in water as per the required application

Steps to Buy your Desired Machine

Our aim is to provide exclusive VIROL-OXY Disinfectants in India at the most affordable price. Our esteemed clients rely on us for our equipment’s superior design and customer services.

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  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Homes, Offices & Factories
  • Shopping malls & Showrooms
  • Schools, Colleges & Other educational centers
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Public transport: Buses, Trains/ Metros, Cars/ Taxis, Airlines
  • Salons, Gyms & Other fitness centers

  • Disinfection of public places
  • Disinfection tunnels
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Usage of Virol-Oxy

1 kg of VIROL-OXY disinfectant can make:

  • 200 liters of hand sanitizer (0.5% conc.)
  • 100 liters of disinfection solution (1% conc.)
  • 700 liters of disinfection solution for disinfection tunnels (0.15% conc.)

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