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Senco is the leading electronic anti scale control system manufacturer in India, Our water descaler is eco-friendly and chemical free water descaler equipment that protects your water piping system and appliances against water hardness, scale deposits, and reduce corrosion in pipelines.

water descaler does not change the chemical composition of the water. Instead, it changes the physical characteristics of the scale crystals in a way that the scale particles lose their adhesive power. Our manufactured electronic scale control system works on every pipe material and even for pipe diameters up to 40″.


    Scale removal equipment without chemicals

    Electronic scale control system

    What is hard water?

    Hard Water is water that contains salts of calcium and magnesium principally as bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates. The degree of hardness becomes greater as the calcium and magnesium content increases and is related to the concentration of multivalent cations dissolved in the water. Anywhere water hardness is an apprehension, our chemical free water descaler is the best solution to reduce hard water’s critical effects.

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    Advantages of our Electromagnetic Water descaler

    Best Electronic anti scale control system Manufacturer in India

    The forefront Sre Senthil Engineering Company makes Electronic Scale Control System is a compact model, that produces an oscillating electromagnetic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency waveform that changes the physical properties such as shape, size, and charge of the calcium and magnesium molecules that are likely to form scales and break them down in due course of time. These changes lead to the reduction in surface tension of water and prevent the formation of new scales while eradicating the existing sale. Several electronic anti scale systems are sold due to their highly effective performance and remarkable results. This environmentally friendly technology will stop the formation of scale and remove existing scale. Moreover, this chemical-free water descaler equipment does not release any chemicals or harmful minerals into our water system.


    Forewarning of hard water

    • Laundered clothes look gloomy and feel harsh and scratchy.

    • Spots on dishes and glass when dried.
    • Formation of films on glass shower doors, sinks, faucets, shower walls, etc.
    • Washed hair looks dull and feels sticky.
    • Inefficient operation of water-using appliances, due to clogged pipes with scale formation

    Senco is an CSIR-NEERI approved Water descaler manufacturer in India

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    Our aspiration is to provide top notch  Electronic Scale Control System in India at most affordable cost. Our esteemed clients rely on us for our equipment’s unique design and customer services.

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    Applications of Electronic Anti Scale Control System


    Domestic households, apartments, Commercial hotels, hostels, educational institutions.


    In poultry and animal husbandries – increases water intake and growth rate.


    In Agriculture – prevents scaling piping and drip irrigation.


    Prevents scaling in the root tips of the plants and trees, and produces a higher yield in crops.


    Highly useful in
    Swimming pools

    No wastage of water

    As a pre-treatment to
    RO feed water.

    industrial cooling tower

    Industrial cooling towers and heat exchangers.


    Concrete mixing gives an increased level of strength

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