Exposure to arsenic, in the long run, can cause cancer in the skin, lungs, bladder, and kidney. Arsenic and Iron coexist in water. In this case, our treatment mechanism consists of two stages,  where the iron is removed first and followed by arsenic using adsorption technology. Our arsenic removal plant works on adsorption technology in which the media acts as an adsorbent and adsorbs Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V). The media also has the advantage of passing the leaching test and does not leach Arsenic.

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Arsenic Treatment Plant 

arsenic removal water purifier in india
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Advantages of Arsenic Removal Plant 


Tested and Approved from CSIR, GOI

environmental-friendly-arsenic removal filter

Environment friendly removal plant

best arsenic removal system

Work even with wide range of Ph in water

best arsenic water filter

3 step filtration mechanism


Available for capacities of 1000LPH
to 50000 LPH

arsenic removal plant

It can remove arsenic up to
2 PPM from water

arsenic removal plant supplier in India

Do not require any extra
electricity for working

arsenic removal plant filter

Backwash water has no
arsenic contamination