Best Arsenic Removal Plant Manufacturers

Arsenic contamination in groundwater is one of the major disastrous issues faced by every human being. Low concentrations of arsenic in drinking water produced severe health effects. Considering arsenic toxicology and hazards we have developed an effective arsenic removal plant treatment that reduces the arsenic content efficiently.

If you are searching for a low cost arsenic removal plant supplier in India, Sre Senthil Engineering company offers the finest quality machines at a budget-friendly price by satisfying all your requirements.



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    Arsenic Removal Plant system

    Why SENCO’s Arsenic Removal Filter

    Exposure to arsenic, in the long run, can cause cancer in the skin, lungs, bladder, and kidney. Arsenic and Iron coexist in water. In this case, our treatment mechanism consists of two stages,  where the iron is removed first and followed by arsenic using adsorption technology. Our ARP works on adsorption technology in which the media acts as an adsorbent and adsorbs Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V). The media also has the advantage of passing the leaching test and does not leach Arsenic.

    Factors that need not be considered after selecting our treatment method

    • Treatment cost
    • Operational complexity
    • Skill required to operate
    • Disposal of arsenic residual

    Advantages of No.1 Arsenic Removal Plant 

    Tested and Approved from CSIR, GOI

    Environment friendly removal plant

    ph value

    Work even with wide range of Ph in water


    3 step filtration mechanism

    No wastage of water

    Available for capacities of 1000LPH
    to 50000 LPH


    It can remove arsenic up to
    2 PPM from water

    No chemical cleaning of Electrodes

    Do not require any extra
    electricity for working

    No ground water contamination

    Backwash water has no
    arsenic contamination

    Steps to Buy your Desired Machine

    Our objective is to provide excellent Arsenic Removal Filter in India at the most affordable cost. Our esteemed clients rely on us for our equipment’s first-class design and customer services.

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    Arsenic Removal Filter at Best Price in India

    SENCO’s main goal is providing a premium quality Arsenic removal plant that removes the amount of arsenic content from ground/surface water to provide safe drinking water and offer free from primary contaminant like arsenic as well as other trace elements. Our arsenic treatment plants are unique equipment as it also removes iron from the water. In the removal process, the initial step is to remove the sludge and iron from the water, and in the second and third filtration steps, arsenic is removed from the water. We also make hand pump model attachment units. The resultant backwash water from the plant has no arsenic contamination which is the unique feature of our plant and it is very eco-friendly. There are several treatment methods used in our arsenic removal plant for the best level of performance.

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