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Electro Chlorinator

SODIUM HYPO-CHLORITE SOLUTION is a very strong oxidizing agent and a strong Disinfectant that kills all pathogens in water and prevents common water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, Paratyphoid, dysentery, etc. As these are produced at the site these are also called ON SITE SODIUM HYPO-CHLORITE GENERATORS. A solution of water and common salt or seawater is the electrolyte, which is converted to  SODIUM HYPO-CHLORITE SOLUTION when electricity is passed through the MMO-coated Titanium electrode for a fixed time. Our electro chlorinator equipment produces sodium hypochlorite solution of strength 7-8 grams/lit, so it is very easy to handle when compared to commercial sodium hypochlorite solution, Gas chlorine, or Bleaching powder. The reaction is

(Batch of 8 hours)

Nacl + H20 + Electricity ============> NaOCl + H2

We are a renowned electro chlorinator manufacturer in India with zero emissions and zero toxic by-products in the manufacturing process, we are an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable electrochlorination system manufacturers and suppliers. We also provide custom-built chlorinator machines including small, medium to large capacity systems to meet our client demands. Simply contact us for a free price quote.

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Salient Features of Electro chlorinator

Applications of Electrochlorination system

  • Municipal and Rural water supply schemes

  • Water treatment plants, STPS, and FTPS

  • Swimming pools, Water theme parks

  • Power stations to control biofouling
  • Hotels, Apartments, Hospitals

  • Ballast water in ships

  • Fire water systems

  • Cooling towers

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Electro chlorinator price in India
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Electro Chlorinator Machine Features

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Feasible Cost

The process is simple only water, common salt, and electricity are needed for electrolysis. The total operating cost is less than the conventional Chlorination methods.

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Common salt is the main substance that is non-toxic and easy to store. This electro chlorination system provides no danger of storing or handling hazardous materials.

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Easy to dose 

Sodium hypochlorite generated on-site does not degrade like commercial NaOCl. Hence, the dosage need not be changed based on the strength of the hypo solution.