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We are the best manufacturer and supplier of top-notch electro chlorinator systems and delivering our trusted quality systems anywhere and anytime in India. An Electro chlorinator offered by Senco is a chlorinator compact system that produces sodium hypochlorite solution from saltwater or seawater by the process of electrolysis. We also provide custom-built chlorinator systems including small, medium to large capacity systems to meet our client demands.

With zero emissions and zero toxic by-products in the manufacturing process, we are an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable system manufacturer and supplier of premium electro chlorination equipment. We offer environmentally friendly water treatment solutions for the mass production of Sodium Hypochlorite even in no regular electric supply locations.


    Why our machine would make your life better

    By conducting regular market surveys, we contribute to the regular improvement of products and able to keep ourselves knowledgeable about our industry’s evolution and liability. Due to the astonishing benefits of electro chlorination, our electrochlorination system is gaining popularity for disinfecting water. Our electro chlorinator is recognized among our highly satisfied customers for its unique specialties such as


    Long-lasting Electro Chlorinator

    Ever since our development, we ranked as the most prominent electro chlorinator manufacturer in India and we are determined on providing a qualitative range of high quality electro chlorinators in the market and different quality policies are adopted by us, which have been recommended by the industry. The water disinfectant equipment that we manufacture is well known for its potential usage, prolonged life service.

    Our electrochlorination system is an approved disinfection method complying with the drinking water regulations and the best alternative for chlorine-gas-based systems with fewer safety requirements. Electro chlorination system is capable of generating sodium hypochlorite from water sources to obstruct biological fouling i.e accumulation of microorganisms from the pipeline system. Following these measures and policies, we guarantee the delivery of quality examined range in this challenging industry.

    Steps to Buy your Desired Machine

    Our aspiration is to provide Excellent quality Electro Chlorinator equipment in India at the most affordable cost. Our esteemed clients rely on us for our equipment’s top-notch design and customer services.

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    Salient Features of Electro chlorinator

    • Compact and place Saving
    • Titanium Electrolyser
    • Raw material is only salt, water and electricity.
    • No problem of handling and storing
    • Non corrosive FRP tanks
    • Long Life of MMO coated electrodes

    Applications of our chlorination system

    • Municipal and Rural water supply schemes
    • Water treatment plants, STPS, and FTPS
    • Cooling towers
    • Power stations to control biofouling
    • Ballast water in ships
    • Fire water systems

    • Swimming pools, Water theme parks

    • Hotels, Apartments, Hospitals..,


    Electro Chlorination Water Treatment

    SODIUM HYPO-CHLORITE SOLUTION is a very strong oxidizing agent and a strong Disinfectant that kills all pathogens in water and prevents common water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, Paratyphoid, dysentery, etc. As these are produced at the site these are also called ON SITE SODIUM HYPO-CHLORITE GENERATORS. A solution of water and common salt or seawater is the electrolyte, which is converted to  SODIUM HYPO-CHLORITE SOLUTION when electricity is passed through the MMO-coated Titanium electrode for a fixed time. Our electro chlorinator equipment produces sodium hypochlorite solution of strength 7-8 grams/lit, so it is very easy to handle when compared to commercial sodium hypochlorite solution, Gas chlorine, or Bleaching powder. The reaction is

    (Batch of 8 hours)

    Nacl + H20 + Electricity ============> NaOCl + H2

    Why SENCO’s Electro chlorinator?

    We are the premium quality electrochlorination system manufacturers in India at the most affordable cost. As compared to 12.5% sodium hypochlorite, the use of salt and water reduces carbon emission to 1/3rd in our electro chlorinator. The hypo solution of less than 1% concentration is produced by our system, thus it is congenial and is highly safe for the environment, and considered non-toxic, harmless. If you are in search of a hospitable electro chlorinator price, Senco is the finest chlorination system supplier providing you with a very reasonable price.


    Low Cost

    The process is simple only water, common salt, and electricity are needed for electrolysis. The total operating cost is less than the conventional Chlorination methods.



    Common salt is the main substance that is non-toxic and easy to store. This chlorination system provides no danger of storing or handling hazardous materials.


    Easy to dose 

    Sodium hypochlorite generated on-site does not degrade like commercial NaOCl. Therefore, the dosage need not be changed based on the strength of the hypo solution.

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