Silver ions Ag2+ are produced from pure Silver Electrodes by passing a calculated amount of current. The concentrated solution of Silver ions in water is made to mix with the flow of water in order to disinfect it. SENCO make Argentum Oligodynamic disinfection equipment is appraised by CSIR – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI), Nagpur. These silver ionization water disinfection equipment are available in various capacities to cater the domestic as well as public supply units.

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Silver Ionization

By transmitting a specific quantity of current through pure Silver Electrodes, silver ions Ag2+ are created. This is generated based on the settings in the control panel, which are in accordance with the actual flow. Our water disinfection equipment discharges an infinitesimal quantity of silver ions, (0.01 mg/lit to 0.03 mg/lit) with extended residual protection in water and not molecular silver.

In the water chamber, a concentrated solution of Silver ions in water is produced and mixed with the flow of water in the pumping main, resulting in the desired concentration or, in smaller forms; we have the entire water passing through the water chamber. Our silver ionization water treatment plant can be customized and built as per requirements.

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    How does Silver Ionization work?

    Silver ions produced in the silver ionization water purification system are positively charged, while microorganisms are negatively charged. The silver ions and microorganisms are attracted to each other. Silver ions restrict the enzymes that microorganisms need to breathe and kill them. Silver is enormously effective because of its capability to interfere with DNA production and speed up the death phase of bacteria and viruses.

    Ions resist each other and are always in suspension because of their charge. They have a significant surface area of silver per unit amount of silver due to their microscopic size. The surface chemistry of silver is enabled by its small size and large surface area to volume ratio.

    Unique features of drinking water disinfection equipment

    Applications of silver ionization

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    Silver Ionization Models

    SENCO Nano Model

    Senco Nano Model


    Senco ED model


    Senco RD model


    Senco PD model


    Public supply model

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