Silver Ionization for Water Disinfection

Silver ions Ag2+ are produced from pure Silver Electrodes by passing a calculated amount of current. The concentrated solution of Silver ions in water is made to mix with the flow of water in order to disinfect it. SENCO makes Argentum Oligodynamic disinfection equipment appraised by CSIR – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI), Nagpur. These silver ionization water disinfection units are available in various capacities, suitable for both domestic and public water supply.

silver ionisation water treatment

Silver Ionization Water Purification

Our specialized water disinfection equipment facilitates the silver ionization process. By passing a precise current through pure Silver Electrodes, we generate silver ions (Ag2+). The settings configured in the control panel synchronize with the actual water flow rate to produce these ions.

Our water disinfection equipment ensures the release of minute quantities of silver ions (ranging from 0.01 mg/lit to 0.03 mg/lit). These ions offer prolonged protection within the water, presenting an effective disinfection solution without introducing molecular silver. The water chamber generates a concentrated solution of silver ions that effectively mingles with the flowing water in the pumping main. This integration achieves the desired concentration of silver ions. In smaller setups, the water chamber directs the entire water volume to ensure comprehensive treatment.

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    How does Silver Ionization work?

    Silver ionization water purification system generates positively charged silver ions, which then interact with negatively charged microorganisms. This attraction leads to the bonding of silver ions and microorganisms. Silver ions restrict the enzymes that microorganisms need to breathe and kill them. Silver is enormously effective because of its capability to interfere with DNA production and speed up the death phase of bacteria and viruses.

    Ions resist each other and are always in suspension because of their charge. They have a significant surface area of silver per unit amount of silver due to their microscopic size. The small size and significant surface area-to-volume ratio of silver enable its surface chemistry.

    Unique features of drinking water disinfection equipment

    Applications of Silver Ionization

    silver ionization water treatment in India

    Argentum Oligodynamic Disinfection Equipment (Silver Ionization) Models

    Explore our range of Argentum Oligodynamic Disinfection Equipment models, harnessing the power of silver ionization for effective water disinfection and safety.

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    Senco Nano Model


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