Used for disinfection of water in domestic purifiers.

Salient Features

  • Good Residual effect, water can be stored for longer period of time.
  • Protects from secondary contamination
  • No algae & Bio-fouling in storage tanks, tubes & taps

  • No need to clean the tank

  • Bacteriological water quality as per IS10500

  • Dosage within IS10500, WHO, EU, USEPA standards

  • Suitable for 24V / 36 V & 48V DC

  • Flow rate max  15 LpH / 25 LpH / 50LpH

  • Service life 7,500 Lts / 15,000 Lts

  • Replaces UV, UF, Ozonization & Chlorination

  • No change in Ph, taste and odour

  • Suitable for simple Non-RO water purifiers and RO purifiers

  • Can be retrofitted to existing purifier also

  • Product is Patented.

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SENCO Nano Model