Pressure Sand Filters are made out of FRP vessels or mild steel fabricated with FRP lining. This pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter that we manufacture can be fitted with automatic valves or manually operated valves. We use different filtration media like pebbles, Silex, Zeosorb, Activated carbon, etc. Pressure sand filters and activated carbon filters are the most common methods used for removing turbidity from water. These filters are made to remove turbidity and suspended particles from feed water with the least amount of pressure drop possible. Our sand water filters are well-designed and come with a minimum operating cost. It is made up of multiple layers of sand of various sizes and specific gravity that are used to filter any water even with a large capacity.

Pressure sand filter and activated carbon filters suppliers in India

Applications of Pressurized Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter

  • Domestic water schemes

  • Industrial water schemes

  • Public water supply schemes

Salient Features of Pressure Sand Filter:

  • Efficient Turbidity Removal

  • Effective multi-grade sand media

  • Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic options are available

  • Prominent post sales service will be provided


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