Silver Ions are produced from pure Silver electrodes and is monitored by a micro-controlled control panel. This comes in various capacities suitable for domestic water purifiers and upto large water treatment plants for Municipal use.

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Unique Features

  • No cancer producing (carcinogenic) disinfection by-products
  • Fool proof and Reliable

  • No smell and no change in taste

  • No corrosion, hence longer life

  • Dosage well within WHO, EPA & BIS limits.

  • Longer residual effect

  • Instant dosage checks using field test kits


  • Domestic water Purifiers

  • Water dispensers, Water Coolers, Water ATMs, Ice making

  • Commercial and Industrial RO plants

  • All public drinking water schemes (Bore wells/ Tube wells/ Multi village schemes)

  • Packaged drinking water

  • Food processing/ Aerated drinks

  • Any other application of drinking water