Water contamination and a Sustainable solution

 ‘The wars of the 21st century will be fought over water.’

                                                                                                     -Ismail Serageldin

Water – a necessity for life, is a rare commodity, which ought to be utilized wisely and safely. Due to natural and geographical reasons, not all sources of water are potable and suitable for direct consumption. We at SENCO put in great efforts to provide drinking water solutions that address maximum pertaining issues in the rural as well as urban parts of the country.

Groundwater obtained from open water systems is prone to contamination with high TDS, hardness, Iron, Arsenic, Fluoride, Nitrates, and bacteria.

The most common form of contamination is the presence of high TDS making the water unfit for consumption. While Reverse Osmosis is a generally used system, approximately 75% of water is wasted and only 25% is purified. The wastewater is unfit for bathing or drinking due to the presence of high levels of impurities and dissolved solids. Though a commonly used filtration practice, the National Green Tribunal of India, New Delhi has suggested the usage of Silver Nanotechnology and the usage of RO only when it is absolutely necessary.

SENCO makes Argentum Oligodynamic disinfection equipment are a suitable and paramount solution for water disinfection. Silver Ionization water disinfection equipment offers residual protection in water for more than 48 hours thus proving to be efficient and sustainable. Through this system, the minerals and goodness of the input water are retained and Silver ions are introduced for disinfection and further residual protection. SENCO being a pioneering Silver Ionization manufacturer in India has developed a unique technology that helps in keeping the number of Silver ions discharged well within the permissible limits specified by WHO.